3 y/o explanation – Where Does Rain Come From?


My three year old little boy (middle) came up with this all by himself. ¬†According to my son rain happens when little clouds do something wrong the Mommy or Daddy cloud gets on to them. Then the little cloud cries and it rains. If the little cloud gets really angry then there is a thunder storm. I have to say that’s pretty good for a three year old. Even if it is my three year old.

Signature pen, and Pentel Dual pen, drawn with a Carmine Col-erase pencil in my sketchpad.

Y’all have fun,

Mermaid – Flush

Mermaid FlushFunny story. My son is three and just about old enough to go #2 by himself. It is something we are working on. I left him on the pot with the door pulled to and the fan going. I gave instruction to yell for me when he was done. Five minutes later I heard the potty flush, but my little boy didn’t call. Five more minutes go by and he starts yelling for me. I go into the bathroom and look and there is no poop. I asked my son if he went potty and he said, “No.” I asked him why he flushed the potty, and he said, “The mermaid got too big and I had to flush it.” The mental image was so funny I had to draw it. This is how it turned out. I hope you think it is as funny as I do.

Y’all have fun,


Teddy Bear Protector



This is another Conference doodle based on something I liked on Facebook before I left for conference.  It was one of those motivational posters which read Teddy Bears. Protecting children since 1903. I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to do my own version. I hope you like it.

Pilot dual pen in my sketch pad over Carmine Col-erase pencil.

Y’all have fun,

a daddy who doodles; a pastor who cares


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