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What Do You Want?


What do you want? (pause) “What do you want me to do for you?” is the question Jesus asks of the blind beggar Bartimaeus (Mark 10:51). However, the question lingers in the air. Continue reading “What Do You Want?”

Weadababy Itsaboy


Do y’all remember those old commercials for long distance phone service in the days before cell phones? Continue reading “Weadababy Itsaboy”

What Caption Would You Write?


If you were using this illustration to describe your day what caption would you use? Continue reading “What Caption Would You Write?”

Come Together

Holy Communion

1Corinthians 11:17-26
“Come Together”

What does the Seder meal have to do with us tonight? The Seder meal has quite a bit to do with us tonight. On the night He was betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ was sitting at table and eating this same Seder meal with his disciples. Continue reading “Come Together”

Seder Meal for Christians

Enter a caption

Exodus 12:1-13
“Terrible Cost”

The meal eaten during the Passover celebration is called the Seder meal. The Seder meal is to help the Children of Israel remember where they came from, and the circumstances from which God gave the Children of Israel their freedom. God saved these people. God alone saved these people when they did not have a prayer of saving themselves. But the salvation came at a terrible cost. Continue reading “Seder Meal for Christians”

Here, Wizard, Wizard, Wizard!


Do any of y’all remember the Taco Bell Commercials from the Godzilla movie back in 1998? I thought this was funny. This is my entry for a character design challenge on Facebook for the Legend of Zelda. I decided to try Link the inventor and he comes looking for Ganon with the Linkbot 6 with Triforce motivator, and gem powered battle sword.

Here wizard wizard wizard!

Y’all have fun,

A Donkey’s Colt

Moser Bible V.2, pt. 2 053 “The Triumphal Entry”


Sermon Script: John 12:12-16

What were they coming to see? Were they coming to see Jesus? Were they coming to see a miracle? What were the crowds coming to see? What do we come to see each Sunday morning? Continue reading “A Donkey’s Colt”

Character design continues


So this character design challenge on Facebook is for a new variation of characters from the Legend of Zelda video game. I loved that game as a kid, and I’m having a lot of fun playing around with this. Plus the new movie Zootopia is out and I started thinking, “If Link were an animal, what kind of animal would Link be?” For some reason a ferret came to mind. Let me know what you think.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day,

Still Messing Around


I’m still messing around with character designs. You can see I’m switching back and forth between pens and the pen that is giving me the most line variation is the one that’s trying to give out on me. I’ve got some ideas here I kinda like and think might go some where. The best way to find out is to keep playing around.

Y’all have fun,

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