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Finally getting there.

Y’all have fun,



These are some characters I’ve been working on for a while. I am pretty happy with some of these. Some of the others could clearly use some work. But I was goofing around last night and decided to try out some Prismacolor markers I’ve been picking up here and there to see what I can do with them. This is just the first experiment. I promise there will be more to come.

Y’all have fun,

Mourning & Hope



I have been reappointed to Central United Methodist Church in Denton, North Carolina. Continue reading “Mourning & Hope”

CD Beaver (body work)


tweaking and self critiquing

CD Beaver (tightening the search)


I’m still on the hunt for my beaver character. Just keeping it loose and trying not to over think it.

Y’all have fun,

Follow the Call

Abraham’s Counsel to Sarai (watercolor circa 1896-1902 by James Tissot)

I’m gonna tell y’all a little secret about me. I hate following orders for the sake of following orders. Continue reading “Follow the Call”

CD Beaver


A little more character design. I was thinking the character might be some kind of boat builder, and what better builder of a wooden boat than a beaver?

Y’all have fun,

Doodle Dump


Life has been a little crazier than usual, so I’m blowing off a little steam with some quick doodle dumps and character design. Nothing to get too attached to. I hope you enjoy.

Y’all have fun,

Hello Stranger!

File:Bringing in the Boar's Head.jpg

When it comes to hospitality Christians run the full gamut of behavior. There are Christians who would make us feel welcome and safe while our world falls apart. Then there are Christians who are so cheap they refuse tip their waitress or waiter, and spend their whole meal bad mouthing their server’s clothes, or accent. Continue reading “Hello Stranger!”

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