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RoboCop Centaur


Sorry there haven’t been any posts in a while. Not to whine, but life has busy as of late and I am happy to begin posting again. This guy is for a character design challenge on Facebook. Nearly all of the other entries went mythological, or old west. As I played with the idea I kept coming back to a more futuristic centaur. The more I drew the cyborg man the more I thought of Robocop. Then I wondered what if Alex Murphy had been a mounted police officer instead of a patrol cop? What if Murphy had been like one of the Central Park rangers Santa put on the naughty list in the movie Elf? Suddenly Robocop’s catch phrase, “Dead or alive you’re coming with me,” takes on a whole new meaning. Y’all enjoy.

Kuru Toga .5 lead pencil, Pentel brush pen, and Prismacolor markers.

Y’all have fun,

Audrey’s Story


Okay. So here’s how this came about. One day about a month ago I was grilling hamburgers out side while trying to watch my daughter three year old daughter Audrey and my then two month old son Brock. Brock was fussing and I was pushing Brock around in the back yard in the stroller to keep him from fussing. Audrey was walking with me and said, “Daddy. Let’s make a story.”
Me: “What should the story be about?”
Audrey: “hmm… a lion and a giraffe.”

The comic above is the story we created. I hope it’s plain to see what I was going for. A well known comic book artist Jim Lee once said you can tell if a comic is really good by whether the illustrations tell the story without the words. There is no dialog with the story so I hope this comic speaks for itself.

If you haven’t figured it out one day a lion and a giraffe were playing checkers under a tree. The wind suddenly blew the checker board over. The lion with his quick paws picked up the pieces while the giraffe used his long neck to grab the board before it flew away. The lion and the giraffe worked together to put the board and the pieces back together and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing checkers.

Y’al have fun,


Finally getting there.

Y’all have fun,



These are some characters I’ve been working on for a while. I am pretty happy with some of these. Some of the others could clearly use some work. But I was goofing around last night and decided to try out some Prismacolor markers I’ve been picking up here and there to see what I can do with them. This is just the first experiment. I promise there will be more to come.

Y’all have fun,

Mourning & Hope



I have been reappointed to Central United Methodist Church in Denton, North Carolina. Continue reading “Mourning & Hope”

CD Beaver (body work)


tweaking and self critiquing

CD Beaver (tightening the search)


I’m still on the hunt for my beaver character. Just keeping it loose and trying not to over think it.

Y’all have fun,

Follow the Call

Abraham’s Counsel to Sarai (watercolor circa 1896-1902 by James Tissot)

I’m gonna tell y’all a little secret about me. I hate following orders for the sake of following orders. Continue reading “Follow the Call”

CD Beaver


A little more character design. I was thinking the character might be some kind of boat builder, and what better builder of a wooden boat than a beaver?

Y’all have fun,

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