U-is-for-UnderwearDoes the title sound silly? Well, this isn’t. I’ve recently been informed there are a number of kids in my area’s schools going to school without socks and underwear. I mean, think about it. Socks and underwear. I used to hate getting socks and underwear at Christmas, and today there are kids going to school without. And you’ve gotta figure if the kids are going to school without, there are parents who are going commando too. So here’s the deal. Take ten minutes out of your life to call your local school guidance counselor, and ask them if this is an issue in your area. Then call your pastor, and ask if you can make an announcement about this in church, and place a box in the entry way of the church to accept donations. Let’s make October 27th Underwear Sunday. Y’all need to wear some, and bring extras.

By God’s Good Grace,