Okay. I am going to totally geek out for a minute. I’ve been thinking about a scene I’ve heard about at the end of “X-men: Days of Future Past” where Apocalypse is seen building a pyramid with telekinesis. If the folks over at Marvel are going to stay true in any way to the Apocalypse story line there are a couple of characters they will need to create and to bring back.

First on deck is Cyclops. I know a lot of people don’t like him. I personally think he was poorly written in the first two X-men movies, but if you are going to tell an Apocalypse story you need him. I am suggesting Chris Pine be cast to fill in for James Marsden.

In the original story the character Mr. Sinister cloned Cyclops after Cyclops had died in an earlier story. Sinister did this so he could create a clone from Cyclops and Jean Grey. However, Mr. Sinister did not have a complete set of Jean Grey’s DNA so he created Madelyne Pryor who I think Christina Hendricks would be perfect for.
Christina Hendricks
The purpose for cloning Cyclops and Jean Grey was to create a child who would be the ultimate weapon for Apocalypse who is obsessed with the idea only the strongest should survive. However, Cyclops and the Jean Grey clone Madelyn Pryor successfully prevent Apocalypse from stealing their child, Nathan Summers who is a way over powered telekinetic psychic. Apocalypse infects baby Nathan Summers with a techno organic virus which should have killed Nathan. Instead Madelyn Pryor was able to tap into Nathan’s telekinetic abilities to keep the virus at bay, but not kill it. The story gets really convoluted here, but Nathan is sent into the future where he grows up, fights Apocalypse, and wins.
Then Nathan Summers, who now goes by the name Cable travels back in time to shortly after he was sent to the future to try to stop Apocalypse’s onslaught before it begins. Call me crazy, but I think Kevin Costner would be great for that role. He’s already well versed in the apocalyptic future genre, and he just did a great movie with Chris Pine, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.”

Now, for Mr. Sinister. Since Apocalypse is Egyptian I think it would be great if Mr. Sinister were a crazy talented African geneticist. Who better to play a talented African geneticist than this guy.
Djimon Hounsou PictureDjimon Hounsou.

Okay. That’s enough geeking out from me. Y’all have fun.

By God’s Good Grace,