A couple of weeks ago I attended the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church’s Annual Conference. Sitting in meetings in a large auditorium with 800 other people can be pretty boring. So I took my sketchbook, and started this drawing while attending Conference. This drawing concludes my tiny series on Space Cowboys, and takes me to a conversation I recently had with my wife.

Do you remember that scene from “Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer” where they are on the island of Misfit toys and one toy says, “Who ever heard of a Cowboy riding an Ostrich?” I explained to my wife that’s where the idea for this doodle came from, and then added I bet if it was a space cow boy on a rocket ostrich people would think it was pretty cool.

My wife replied, “Honey, you’re flirting with that line.”

I shut my sketch book, but as I walked away I told her, “Nah. I’m dancing on the other side.”

Here’s to hoping you enjoy dancing on the other side too.

Col-erase colored pencils in my sketch pad. The digital version had its color contrast bumped in  Photoshop CS2 to help the colors stand out.

Y’all have fun,