I mentioned earlier this week I submitted ideas for a mascot for the 2017 World Winter Special Olympic games. I found out about the contest through Facebook and thought why not apply. Who knows if any of them will actually be chosen, but I thought why not post the ideas to my blog. I really liked the idea of a sock monkey for a mascot. I think they are pretty universally well known which means if they were sold as a stuffed mascot version it would cut down on price. They could be branded like FedEx with a different set of colored stripes for each different event, and because they are so well known, and so easy to make they could be fitted with snow shoes, or skies, or skates depending on the event. The mascot could serve as more than a symbol, they could also be a decent money maker. Whose to know if it will be picked, but I thought it was a pretty nifty idea.

Y’all have fun,