In case you didn’t already see it on my Facebook page this week I had a very important interview with the Western North Carolina Board of Ordained Ministry (a.k.a. The BoOM). It’s a big deal. I interviewed Thursday afternoon and found out about 4:15 that I was approved to move forward to be a Provisional Candidate for ordained ministry. My doodles this week said a lot about what I was feeling.


This was Tuesday afternoon. The stress suddenly hit me and I was scared that appearing before the BoOM would feel like Link from the Legend of Zelda throwing down against some really big nasty something or other.

PC-22-GhandiWednesday morning I was trying to find that Peaceful Easy Feeling, or a moment of Zen before I appeared before the BoOM. This is the doodle that came out of searching for that peace.

PC-23-I-PassedIn case you missed it I passed and was approved to move forward. This is my happy dance doodle.

I hope you enjoyed these. They all fit within my personal challenge of 30 characters with that same basic head shape. These take me up to number 22. Eight more to go.

Y’all have fun,