GyscooterPlaying around with an old idea from my childhood. The Gyscooter. Gyscooters came from a story my grandmother pulled from the Orageburg, SC newspaper and told my Dad. My Dad modified it and told it to us to keep us from losing balls and frisbies down the storm drains. Gyscooters are mutated alligators dumped into the sewers by New Yorkers who bought them as a fad when they were little for pets. Then the beasties grew and got too big for NYC apartments. So they flushed them down the drain. The gators mutated in all of the crud people dump down storm drains. Now they lie in wait at dusk and dawn – waiting for children.

Gyscooter-tongueGyscooters have a lightning fast tongue and lie in wait for kids. If you look quick you can see their eyes peeking out of storm drains. Then when heat lightning flashes across the summer sky they strike, and all that’s left is the kids tennis shoes…

But this was just me goofing around. I’m not sure if I like this Gyscooter character design, but it was a good way to relieve stress after a long day.

By God’s Good Grace,