Evil-Fish-On-The-RunOkay. So here’s how this started. I found this really cool image on Pinterest of a couple of tweens riding a flying turtle. I pinned it – of course I can’t find it now. I printed it off at the time and when my brother and his family came to visit I drew the flying turtle as a way of saying thank you for visiting.

Flying-TurtleHowever, while they were visiting my my nephew picked up this pool toy of a roundish red clown fish. He filled it with water and began chasing his cousins, and squirting them with water. My nephew was also calling out, “Evil Fish is out to get you!” You get the picture. So I started to wonder. What would it look like if Evil Fish was on the run? What could be big enough to send Evil Fish running? Hey. Don’t turtle’s eat fish? A flying turtle would eat flying fish – right? And suddenly Evil Fish was on the run. I hope you enjoy it.

Y’all have fun,