I discovered something while I was on vacation last week. The place where we stayed had these great hummingbird feeders and bird feeders for smaller birds. I had been wanting to practice doodling birds, but with the kids awake I couldn’t draw a thing. However, while the kids were asleep I was able to reflect on what I had seen. Hummingbirds are truly amazing. The way they can fly backwards, frontwards, and side to side like a helicopter is awesome. And then I saw something I had never seen a hummingbird do before. It stood on perch to the feeder and rested for about three seconds. I never thought about it before, but hummingbirds can actually fold in their wings and rest. I had always taken it for granted before, but seeing it first hand gave me pause. So that’s what I drew; a hummingbird at rest.

Y’all have fun,