Okay. Yeah. It’s not ink. There is nothing in this painting that is in keeping with InkTober, and I have been working on this all month. When my son was born I did a painting for his room that was Christopher Robin, and Pooh, and Piglet, and Eeyore, and Rabbit all praying together a prayer my Dad taught us to pray when my brother and I were little. I even included Tigger in the back ground with hands in the air because who else in the Hundred Acre Wood would be Pentacostal? Then my little boy got a little older and needed a big boy room, and his little sister came into the world. The painting was handed down to Little Girl. Well now there is another baby on the way and Little Girl has her own big girl room. So this is the painting for her big girl room. I just hope one day she isn’t embarrassed to tell people her Daddy painted it for her because I love my Little Girl.

Water color on paper.

Y’all have fun,