Tornado FYI for the severe weather in central North Carolina.
This is for all of my friends who did not grow up in tornado alley.

We are expecting severe weather here in North Carolina today. The meteorologists are talking about the possibility of tornados today so I thought I would share some basic life saving info.

Tornado Watch: Conditions are favorable for a tornado to form. No tornado has been seen. But the odd are good a tornado could form.
Tornado Warning: A tornado has been seen on the ground, or has clearly been detected on radar. If the Tornado Warning is sounded on the radio or on the TV it’s time to take cover.

What do I mean by take cover?
Move to an inside room of your house – a room with no windows. Bathrooms are preferable because of the pipes but a closet will definitely do in a pinch. The biggest thing is to stay away from doors and windows. It’s usually best to hunker down in the bath tub with pillows and wait the stormĀ out. If you have a basement go to the basement and hide there, but stay away from windows and doors.

At school: Student at school should do what the teachers and the principal say.

At work: Stay off the road if you can. If you work in an office move to an interior room away from windows. If you are caught outside and you see a tornado move to the inside of a brick or stone structure and then move to an interior room. If there is no where to take shelter get out of your car and take cover in a low lying ditch until the storm passes. Do not try to hide under an over pass. Twisters can suck you out of there like a vaccume sucking a Cheerio out of a card board tube.

Y’all be safe today.