So why would a pastor draw a picture of Hellboy?

There are actually a couple of reasons. Truth be told I am a little nervous about posting this. Too many people won’t read what comes next.

First, I heard the Hellboy comic was coming to an end. The last Hellboy comic is evidently out right now. In the last couple of months I’ve become interested in the art work of Mike Mignola. So I thought I might do a little fan art to see if I could get as much ink on a page as Mignola. In the piece above I think I came pretty close.

Prismacolor cool gray marker, Higgins ink, various Pentel felt tip markers, and Carmine Col-erase pencil for Big Red.

Second I remembered an idea that came to me out of a Leave It To Chance Comic by James Robinson and Paul Smith.


I got to thinking, what if Lucas Falconer had died – lost a battle to some truly nasty demon that Chance was no where near ready to face. What if she had to reach out to, or summon Hellboy to be able to go into the abyss, rescue her father, Lucas Falconer, and bring him home so they could face this big nasty creature together. What if… Who knows. Maybe James Robinson or Paul Smith will get wind of this and have a go at it… Don’t worry. I won’t get my hopes up.

By God’s Good Grace,