Sorry there haven’t been any posts in a while. Not to whine, but life has busy as of late and I am happy to begin posting again. This guy is for a character design challenge on Facebook. Nearly all of the other entries went mythological, or old west. As I played with the idea I kept coming back to a more futuristic centaur. The more I drew the cyborg man the more I thought of Robocop. Then I wondered what if Alex Murphy had been a mounted police officer instead of a patrol cop? What if Murphy had been like one of the Central Park rangers Santa put on the naughty list in the movie Elf? Suddenly Robocop’s catch phrase, “Dead or alive you’re coming with me,” takes on a whole new meaning. Y’all enjoy.

Kuru Toga .5 lead pencil, Pentel brush pen, and Prismacolor markers.

Y’all have fun,