Doodle Daddy is Richard Blount

Family-PhotoRichard has been drawing since high school where he started making friends by learning to draw comics. He fell in love with comics and has been drawing them ever since. After high school Richard attended the University of Alabama where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design, Painting and Art History. After college Richard took a job as a print designer which moved Richard to Charlotte, North Carolina. Three years later Richard discovered just sitting behind a computer screen was not enough.

After a couple of years of soul searching Richard left North Carolina to attend Asbury Theological Seminary to pursue his calling to ordained ministry. Pastor Richard Blount is a provisional elder in the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church where he is currently serving two churches. Richard is married with two children and one on the way.

The Purpose of This Blog…

…is to create a space for Richard to share his art and offer a little insight to any who would like to know more about the saving work of Jesus Christ.