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War Room

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about that movie War Room, and this came out of those musings. Then I had a disturbibg thought comparing Cathy White from Stephen King’s “Carrie” with her prayer closet to the War Room movie. Talk about your odd extremes.

Y’all have fun,



Gladiator Teddy Bear

This guy is for a character design page on Facebook. I tried different versions, but this one came the most easily. 

Y’all enjoy,




Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” (Mark 5:9, Holy Bible, NIV translation)

Continue reading “Legion”

Faith Builds


This is “Noname.” Noname has been called and gifted with a strong and powerful faith that hits home like a hammer. Continue reading “Faith Builds”

Comics & Faith


C.S. Lewis once said, he loved children’s books more as an adult than he did as a child, because as an adult he was able to put more into them, and as a result got more out of them. I love those words. Deep down I am a comic book geek and those words from a theologian I deeply respect have touched me for a long time. Continue reading “Comics & Faith”

Murphy Characters.

I picked up my first comic book in what feels like forever and here is the first doodle to come from it. The penciler is Sean Murphy and I like his style so I am trying my hand at a couple of his characters. There is a red panda and this guy. I think these turned out pretty well. 

Y’all have fun,


FLIM Proposal Approved!!!

United Methodist Church logo - flames licking around a simple black cross





I think I’ve explained before I am a Provisional Elder in the United Methodist Church. Continue reading “FLIM Proposal Approved!!!”

Rocket Ship

My son asked me to draw a rocket ship for him so he could color it in. Now he has one and so do you..

Y”ll have fun,


Write Small, Think Big, BANG!

I was in a meeting last week and thinking about air ships while talking about something else when I heard someone else in the room say, “write small, think big,” and then BANG! the importance of those words were like a gun went off in my brain. It was awesome.

Y”ll have fun,

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